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KL-100 short wave vehicle antenna reflector

KL-100 short-wave vehicle antenna reflector is a supporting component of the vehicle short-wave antenna feeder system, which greatly improves the mobile communication performance of the communication vehicle.
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KL-200 shortwave base station antenna reflector

The KL-200 short-wave base station antenna reflector is developed based on the electromagnetic wave near-vertical transmission (NVIS) theory, which uses the high elevation angle radiation electromagnetic wave that is close to the vertical angle, and after being refracted back to the ground through the ionosphere, it forms a uniform electromagnetic wave coverage in a certain area of the ground. Its propagation has the characteristics of uniform coverage, stable signal and little influence by geographical and geomorphological factors. The half-loop antenna relies on the half-loop structure and the end grounding, and the front end is tuned to generate strong high-elevation to medium-elevation radiation. The sky wave lands vertically or at close range, and is completely connected with the ground wave.
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Zhejiang Kaichi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Through continuous accumulation, continuous innovation, and gradually improve their own product chain, the company developed emergency communications software systems have entered the government and military customer market, and access to customer recognition and support.

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