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KL-1712 short-wave vehicle-mounted electric lifting antenna

KL-1712 short-wave vehicle-mounted electric lift antenna is suitable for installation in small and medium-sized communication vehicles. The antenna is of bow structure. The design and manufacture of the electric bow antenna meet the requirements of NVIS (near vertical) short-wave mobile communication. The high Q resonance technology and high conductive antenna body provide high communication efficiency, which solves the problem of "communication blind area" existing in short-wave radio communication and can meet the stable and reliable communication of communication vehicles within 0~600KM, when passing through a series of obstacles such as culverts, woods, overpasses, etc. or entering the garage, it will automatically fall down and vertical, meeting the communication requirements of the communication vehicle such as "moving through" and "mountain through", and greatly improving the mobile communication performance of the communication vehicle.
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KL-300BX-D electric lifting small three-wire antenna

The antenna used in the field temporary short-wave radio station shall meet four requirements: ① small size, light weight and easy to carry; ② convenient installation and collection; ③ frequent installation is not easy to damage; ④ high energy efficiency, which makes up for the impact of simple installation on communication quality.
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Three-wire shortwave base station antenna

The three-wire shortwave antenna is a kind of full-band shortwave base station antenna with excellent performance, which can maintain good communication effect in the distance of 0~2500 kilometers. It is widely used all over the world.
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KL-300BX portable small three-wire antenna

Short-wave communication is the weak link in the short-wave communication network, due to the low power of the radio station and the low efficiency of the antenna, and short-wave communication is precisely an important link in the emergency communication system, in the disaster relief, the short-wave carrier station bears the important task of communication inside and outside the disaster area.
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TBP115-3 type portable short wave antenna

Main technical parameters: L frequency range: 1.6~30MHz; L power capacity: ≥ 125W; L automatic day tuning non-tuning range:(2~25MHz, test frequency interval 100K)≤ 5%;
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Zhejiang Kaichi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Through continuous accumulation, continuous innovation, and gradually improve their own product chain, the company developed emergency communications software systems have entered the government and military customer market, and access to customer recognition and support.

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