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KD-780C emergency communication interconnection terminal

PTC-IEx modem is a data communication device connected between a computer and a shortwave radio station. This data transmission device can be paired with Curton NGT SR, Polaroid 2050, IC-M700PRO radio stations, and most shortwave radio stations in the world, with superior performance. It can reach 5.2Kbps at high speeds and has extremely low speed function. It can still maintain the connection to transmit data even when the signal-to-noise ratio is -20dB (that is, it can transmit data even when someone is just hearing someone talking in the short wave signal range), and is one of the advanced shortwave data communication devices in the world.
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Zhejiang Kaichi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Through continuous accumulation, continuous innovation, and gradually improve their own product chain, the company developed emergency communications software systems have entered the government and military customer market, and access to customer recognition and support.

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