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Single carrier frequency repeater

Single carrier frequency transfer configuration large volume radiator plus internal circulation cooling fan, easy to support 24 hours of continuous work. Equipped with backup automatic battery power supply interface, optional built-in special duplexer, optional secondary development module interface and chassis. Support IP interconnection.
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Dual carrier frequency channel machine

The dual carrier frequency channel machine supports a variety of common standard communication standards, and is super compatible with all mobile terminals that meet the standard protocol. This product not only supports a single transfer station Secondary specialized school to achieve regional signal coverage, but also can be combined into a variety of communication base stations with application advantages on demand, providing a strong guarantee for emergency communications in the province and even a wider range.
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R8200 Digital Repeater

The XiR R8200 repeater is a continuous operating device that supports two voice or data paths in digital TDMA mode. Can be easily installed on the wall or rack system. This digital repeater is part of the MOTOTRBO family, providing enhanced performance, improved spectral efficiency, integrated data transmission, and enhanced voice communications in a complete solution.
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Zhejiang Kaichi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Through continuous accumulation, continuous innovation, and gradually improve their own product chain, the company developed emergency communications software systems have entered the government and military customer market, and access to customer recognition and support.

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