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KC3024 shortwave communication power supply

The power supply has multiple protection functions, compact structure, supporting the use of linear power supply for short-wave radio. KC3024 short-wave communication power supply is a high-precision output, multi-protection function, compact structure, specifically for the domestic military short-wave radio station supporting the use of DC linear regulated power supply, especially suitable for national, emergency, transportation departments and the use of marine equipment.
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KD12-600 integrated power supply

The KD12-600 integrated power supply is a special power supply for a small civil air defense emergency communication command vehicle, with a built-in charger and inverter. Equipped with 100AH/12VDC battery, it can provide power support for the equipment in the cabinet, and can also charge the equipped 100AH/12VDC battery under the condition of alternating current (commercial power, generator); If there is an external device that needs power supply and the power supply voltage is 220VAC, the integrated power supply can invert the 12VDC of the battery to 220VAC output. The power input and output range is wide, the output voltage noise is small, the whole machine is small, the load adjustment rate is high, automatic voltage stabilization, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, input over-voltage protection and other functions.
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KC24-500 vehicle communication power supply

KC24-500 vehicle communication power supply is a power supply equipment control equipment designed according to the power supply specifications of common vehicle communication equipment. This equipment can supply power to common communication equipment such as military short-wave radio station and ultra-short-wave radio station through the control conversion of DC24V, DC12V and AC220V. This equipment has the characteristics of multi-specification, high current, multi-selection and intelligent protection.
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Zhejiang Kaichi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Through continuous accumulation, continuous innovation, and gradually improve their own product chain, the company developed emergency communications software systems have entered the government and military customer market, and access to customer recognition and support.

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