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What is a public radio?

Public walkie-talkie refers to a wireless walkie-talkie with a transmission power of not more than 0.5W and working at a specified frequency. Its radio transmission frequency, power and other radio frequency technical indicators must meet the following requirements:

1. Operating frequency (.9000;409. Unit: MHz): 409.7500, 409.7625, 409.7750, 409.7875, 409.8000, 409.8125, 409.8250, 409.8375, 409.8500, 409.8625, 409.8750, 409.8875, 4099125, 409.9250, 409.9375, 409.9500, 409.9625, 409.9750, 409.9875;

2. Modulation mode: F3E;

Effective Transmit Power (EIRP):< 0.5W;

4. Emission frequency tolerance:< 5ppm;

5. Stray radiation of transmitter:<50uW;

6. Receiver spurious radiation:<20nW;

7. Channel spacing: 12.50kHz.

Interphone electromagnetic interference, electromagnetic compatibility

In order to avoid problems caused by electromagnetic interference and/or electromagnetic compatibility, the walkie-talkie should be turned off when the sign "turn off the walkie-talkie" is affixed. For example, hospitals or other occasions where health care medical equipment is used. When flying, the intercom should also be turned off as required.

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