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What factors affect the intercom call distance and effect

1. System parameters:

1) The stronger the output power of the transmitter, the greater the coverage of the transmitted signal and the farther the communication distance. However, the transmission power should not be too large. If the transmission power is too large, it will not only consume power and affect the life of the power amplifier components, but also have strong interference, affect the call effect of others, and cause radiation pollution. The radio regulatory agencies of various countries have clear regulations on the transmission power of communication equipment.

2) The higher the receiving sensitivity of the communicator, the farther the communication distance.

3) The gain of the antenna, when the antenna is matched with the machine, usually, the height of the antenna is increased, and the receiving or transmitting ability is enhanced. The antenna used in the handheld walkie-talkie is generally a spiral antenna, and its bandwidth and gain are smaller than other types of antennas, and it is more susceptible to human influence.

2. Environmental factors: environmental factors mainly include path, density of trees, electromagnetic interference of the environment, buildings, weather conditions and terrain differences. These factors and some other parameters directly affect the field strength and coverage of the signal.

3. Other influencing factors:

1) The battery power is low. When the battery power is low, the call quality will deteriorate. Serious, there will be noise, affecting the normal call.

2) Antenna matching, the frequency band of the antenna is inconsistent with the frequency band of the machine, and the impedance of the antenna is not matched, which will seriously affect the call distance. For users, pay attention to tighten the antenna when switching antennas. In addition, antennas provided by non-manufacturers cannot be used casually, and antennas that do not meet the frequency points of the machine cannot be used.

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