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What are the safety precautions during the use of walkie talkie?

1. On cars with airbags, do not place the walkie-talkie within the range that may be involved when the airbag is deployed. If the walkie-talkie is in the area that may be involved when the airbag is deployed, once the airbag is deployed quickly, the walkie-talkie may hurt the personnel in the car with great impact;

2. In a potentially explosive atmosphere or occasion, unless the walkie-talkie is a specially certified explosion-proof walkie-talkie, the walkie-talkie must be turned off. In a potentially explosive atmosphere, electrical sparks can cause an explosion or fire;

3. Do not replace or charge the battery in a potentially explosive atmosphere. When installing and removing the battery, it may cause contact with electric spark and cause explosion;

4. Before approaching the blasting area and the area where the detonator is located, the interphone must be turned off to avoid possible explosion.

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