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How far is the distance of the walkie-talkie?

Conventional walkie-talkie call distance of up to 8-10 kilometers in open space, generally up to 3-5 kilometers in urban areas, in the case of tall buildings or mountains blocking, the call distance will be relatively short.

When there is network support, the call distance of the walkie-talkie can reach tens of kilometers. Networking is the use of relay stations (also known as base stations or turntable), automatically receive the transmitted signal from the walkie-talkie, and its amplification and forwarding. Networking can expand the coverage of walkie-talkie communication, extend the call distance, the open area can reach 10-20km (hand-held walkie-talkie) or 30-50km (vehicle-mounted walkie-talkie), the building can cover the basement, underground parking plant, fire passage and other areas with serious shielding, usually called dead corners.

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