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Zhejiang Kaichi "Grow in Learning" Speech Contest

Zhejiang Kaichi "Grow in Learning" Speech Contest


Award-winning employees


First prize: Chu Kairong

We have a saying called "live and learn", which tells us that each of us must work hard, continue to learn and grow, and cannot remain unchanged. As an employee of the engineering department of Kaichi Company, Kaichi Company mainly deals in wireless emergency communication, which requires our engineers to keep pace with the times. Of course, our study is multifaceted:

In terms of technology, we must continue to learn and master new technologies to provide reliable technical support for our customers. This is also the main embodiment of our engineers' own value in the company, so it is also the top priority of our engineers. Our technology today may not be suitable for tomorrow's needs. In fact, we feel it in ourselves. The computers I studied before were WIN2000,WINXP, these systems are also used. Now the computers are WIN10. Many applications on computers and data changes can no longer be found. This is because I personally have not studied and studied in depth in this area.

In terms of communication, this aspect is actually very important, but a technician is most likely to neglect. Perhaps this is also a common problem of technicians. Communicating with others requires not only politeness, but also observation. Our engineers often have to deal with customers. Although we mainly work to solve problems, we can communicate and report well with customers after solving problems, which will deepen customers' impression of us and improve our personal and company image.

In terms of technical training, some of our projects are now completed with acceptance reports. After the acceptance is completed, special personnel will be trained for customers in technical operations. There is a lot of room for improvement in this aspect of learning for our engineers. We can't read a lot of product technology like scripted, and those customers are not interested. It is better to use some easy-to-understand metaphors to describe the technology, so that people can understand it better.

"Live and learn", let us all learn from each other and make progress with each other, so that the company's tomorrow will be more brilliant.


Second prize: Hou Guangfu

Grow in learning, practice in growth. This is the case in life. Every study is an opportunity to practice. Every practice is a process of challenge, can we be afraid? The answer is definitely: "No", no matter what the circumstances are not, will not be afraid of the challenge. I know that through training, learning makes me feel quite deep. Life is a process of continuous learning, continuous growth and continuous exploration. When I came to Kaichi Company, I deeply felt the urgency of learning, the key to applying what I have learned, and mastering more professional knowledge is the first element of our work and excellent work.

As a new salesman, I was afraid of customer calls at the beginning. Because I learned less, customers called and asked about professional skills, and I was afraid of asking three questions. If it is WeChat communication, I can still have time to think, but the phone does not. So dare not answer the phone. This also prompted me to learn, as soon as possible from the study of refining sublimation, as soon as possible to actively communicate with customers, in-depth exchanges.

If you want to be an excellent salesman, only by constantly learning, exercising and absorbing, laying a strong and unique judgment and tamping professional knowledge, can you communicate and integrate with customers actively and effectively. As a salesperson, the more afraid the customer is to make a phone call, the more he should take the initiative to make a phone call with the customer. If he doesn't understand anything, he should tell the customer the truth about his new comer, hope the customer will understand, and promise to give the customer a reply after consulting the technology. Or let the technology communicate back to the customer. Timely record the technical problems reflected by each customer in the form of notes, and then digest them in depth. The next time you encounter the same problem, it will be explained. It is also a process of learning progress. Therefore, if you want to clearly understand the product, you must have further contact with him. You can only boldly go into practice, contact different customers with different problems, learn knowledge from specific problems, and consult more technical personnel for product knowledge. Record and summarize the solutions, deepen the study, as a salesperson, you must learn to observe, be good at discovering specific problems faced in your work, read more, remember more, and ask more, learn more.

There is no easy job in the world, and the same is true of sales work. We should not only have firm confidence, but also bear hardships and stand hard work, and pay attention to strategies and methods. And constantly strengthen learning, and constantly enrich themselves, is the most effective way to improve the quality of business, for this reason:

1, in peacetime to maintain a healthy body, so that they always have strong energy into the sales work.

2, strengthen learning, to learn in the work, grow in learning, experience and education is the priceless treasure of life. At the same time, we should seriously study the advantages of others, overcome their own shortcomings, and constantly improve in learning.

3, to maintain an optimistic attitude, optimistic, positive and enterprising, believe in their own company and products, is the magic weapon to do a good job in sales.

4, to improve the ability of oral expression, the company's introduction of shortwave independent frequency selection radio, ultrashort wave relay ad hoc network system and integrated project configuration and scheme, accurate and appropriate expression will help customers understand and feel. Improve oral expression ability, can get twice the result with half the effort sales effect.

5. To sum up, only through continuous learning and practice can we become stronger, become an excellent salesman, gain the recognition of customers, and make ideal achievements.

There is a long way to go in Xiu Yuan. I will go up and down and look for it!

Calmness and decisiveness, accurate judgment, flexible control!

The road of learning is very far away. We should go while thinking and groping.

Learn the road slowly, and do it and search.
Learning in practice and growing up in learning will make our pace of progress firmer, our thinking clearer and ourselves stronger.


Third Prize: Yang Qing

Why on earth do you want to study? What is the relationship between study and personal development? To answer this question, in fact, it is very simple. If a person wants to have great development, he needs to keep learning. First of all, learning is the need of competition. According to a survey, knowledge is updated every three years on average, and 8%-10% of knowledge is eliminated every day in the world. This shows that in this era, our academic qualifications have been devalued, and the days when we relied on a college diploma to rest easy are gone forever. Learning is also a need for individual development in a unit or department. A survey of 1000 white-collar workers aged 25-45 showed that the 28-32 age group was the most insecure and lacked an advantage in the competition. The reason is that there is no difference in working experience between 8 years and 5 years, while the latecomers are better in terms of academic qualifications, knowledge renewal and self-motivated.

We can compare people to batteries. People who no longer learn after work are like disposable batteries. The less knowledge they use, the worse their abilities will be, and they will eventually be eliminated. People who learn all the time are like rechargeable batteries, which reflect their value through continuous charging and will not be eliminated. Similarly, the story of boiling frogs in warm water also tells us that changes in the environment can determine our success and failure. Changes in the general environment are sometimes invisible. We must always pay attention, learn more, be more vigilant, and welcome changes.

Learning can also improve our personal quality. Learning three major practices are: cultivating one's mind, cultivating one's state and cultivating one's ability. Learning can improve our personal accomplishment, improve our personal temperament, enhance our mind, and improve our abilities. Therefore, learning can be described as "beneficial but not harmful" to us ". The relationship between the sages and morality, knowledge, talent, and learning is sufficient to illustrate the importance of learning to us, that is: non-learning cannot be used to expand talents, non-learning cannot be used to understand knowledge, and non-learning cannot be used to establish morality. As a member of the unit, only by learning at any time, constantly catching up with the strong with a positive learning attitude, and constantly accumulating experience, can we not be eliminated, can we increase the weight of success for your career, and can we achieve success through thick and thin!

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