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Zhejiang Kaichi 2022 League Building Activities Successfully Concluded!

In the golden autumn of October, the cool wind is cool and the sweet osmanthus is fragrant. In this season of autumn dyeing the earth and rainbows, in order to thank the company's leaders for their care and the company's employees for their unremitting efforts, on October 8, the company organized the 2022 annual group building activity. Hangzhou head office and Zhengzhou branch activities synchronized!




Group photo of Hangzhou head office



Zhengzhou branch group photo

The staff of Hangzhou head office took the bus, singing and laughing all the way, enjoying the beautiful autumn harvest scenery along the way, and arrived at the ancient town of Dipu. There are more than 40 historic sites in Dipu, such as fan well in Song Dynasty, water system in Ming Dynasty, stone square, temple, ancestral hall, folk residence in Qing Dynasty. The beauty of Dipu lies in the traceability of sources, and the flavor of ancient village lies in experiencing traditional culture, everyone responded positively to the happy participation, experienced the characteristic traditional culture of Jiangnan ancient village in the fierce competition, and awarded the local specialty Mangliete tofu to the winning group.







Zhengzhou Branch gathered together for a collective party. The national tide style and modern elements were perfectly integrated. Several groups of teams, such as billiards team, barbecue team, mahjong team and hi singing team, were scattered and combined. Ding Zong's karaoke room sang a high song and resounded through the roof. Li Zong's billiard hall showed his skills and made a hole in one. Get together for a barbecue!




Hangzhou local farmhouse prepared a sumptuous lunch, Zhengzhou barbecue dinner, do it yourself plenty of food and clothing!





Afternoon tour of "smoke rain Tongzhou", Tongzhou Island surrounded by clear water, green mountains reflected, the autumn harvest in sight of the pastoral scenery, the island head green trees, along the willows, especially after the rain of Tongzhou Island, smoke clouds rising, illusory, overlooking the green inlaid it, as if it were an emerald in the Fuchun River. Cattle and sheep in the forest on the island are carefree, egrets fly in the river, and fishing boats float on the river. Near the Fuchun Mountain residence, distant view of Yan Ziling fishing platform.




The wheel of time runs over a deep trace, leaving the harvest of golden autumn, sowing the seeds of hope, and sincerely wishing the company vigorous development and prosperity.

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Good news! The National Civil Air Defense Informatization Construction Seminar has come to a perfect conclusion!

In September of the golden autumn, the "National Civil Defense Informatization Construction Seminar" was officially held in Wuhan, Hubei from September 20th to September 21st. The exhibition aims to showcase the most cutting-edge wireless emergency communication and related supporting equipment in China, organize and implement practical exercises for the organization and application of the military civilian joint civil defense command information system, and invite more than ten leading domestic wireless communication industry enterprises on site. Our company is very honored to be invited to participate, This practical exercise was personally led by Comrade Jin Jing, the Minister of Technology Department of our company, and the relevant equipment carried by our company's communication command vehicle also participated in the joint exercise for the subject of this practical exercise.

The Municipal State Moving Office Launching Study Activities

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and solidly promote the construction of national defense mobilization, from August 13 to 18, Li Jie, Secretary of the Party group and director of the municipal state mobilization office, led a team to Nanjing, Huzhou and Hangzhou to study the work of national defense mobilization.

The "paramilitary" closed training of the Hunan Provincial National Defense Mobilization Agency was held in Hengyang

On the morning of August 14, the "paramilitary" closed training of the Hunan Provincial National Defense Mobilization Agency was held in Hengyang. Hou Jianbin, member of the leading party group and deputy director of the provincial state mobilization office, made a mobilization speech. This intensive training insists on starting from the national defense mobilization agency, highlighting training command, training coordination, training support, and training style. It aims to cultivate and strengthen the construction of the business functions of the "paramilitary" agency, and improve the ability of the national defense mobilization agency team under the new system. Literacy and support level.

"2023-Huanxiang" Three-level Civil Air Defense Command Communication Cross-district Joint Training Held

In order to further improve the level of civil air defense information support combat readiness capacity building, from July 24 to 29, the Provincial State Organization Office organized the "2023-Huanxiang" three-level civil air defense command and communication cross-regional joint training. The provincial civil air defense command information security center and the civil air defense command information security departments in Changsha, Yiyang and Zhangjiajie participated in the training.

Zhejiang Civil Air Defense Command Information Support Center organized to participate in the Yangtze River Delta regional joint training

From July 25 to 27, 2023, the Provincial Civil Air Defense Command Information Guarantee Center participated in the Yangtze River Delta regional joint training in Zhuji City, Shaoxing. In this training, the center organized the command and communication support of three provinces and one city in the Yangtze River Delta with the requirements of actual combat. Build 5G network link, through the Zhejiang people's defense digital integrated platform to achieve command and dispatch, real-time display of training dynamics.

Hunan civil air defense command information support professional and technical backbone training held in Changde

In the hot summer, the training is in full swing. On June 28, Hunan civil air defense command information security professional and technical backbone training was held in Changde City. Hou Jianbin, member of the leading party group and deputy director of the provincial state affairs office, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.

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