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Do you charge for a call on the intercom?

There is no charge for calls made on regular walkie-talkies. No matter how frequently you use it, you only need to pay tens of dollars for each walkie-talkie each year, such as the use of public walkie-talkie does not need to pay any fees.

Walkie-talkie antenna use precautions

1. Use only WEIERWEI original or approved antenna. An unapproved antenna, an antenna modified or added with accessories may damage the walkie-talkie or violate the regulations of the Radio Administration of the Ministry of Information Industry;

2. When in use, do not use the hand to take the antenna;

3. The walkie-talkie antenna can not be unscrewed, otherwise it is easy to burn the power tube when transmitting;

Do not use a damaged antenna. If the damaged antenna touches the skin during launch, it may cause minor burns.

Can you make a phone call with a walkie-talkie?

With network support, walkie-talkie can be used to make phone calls. However, if it is only a conventional call between single machines, the function of making a phone call cannot be realized.

The use of walkie-talkie will not have radiation problems

The design of the walkie-talkie conforms to the relevant provisions of the Ministry of Information Industry [2001] No. 869 document, and will not cause harm to the human body, and the use of the walkie-talkie is not close to the human body, but 5 to 7cm away from the human body.

Cannot talk to other team members in the group

First of all, confirm whether the frequency and sub-audio signal you are using are the same as other members of the group. If there is no problem, please confirm whether other members of the group are in the service area.

When using the walkie-talkie, the other party receives a small sound or intermittent voice.

Check if the hole in the MIC delivery place of the walkie-talkie is blocked (if not, please send it to the maintenance station for repair).

Can not boot or power down frequently

Check whether the battery contact piece of the walkie-talkie is deformed and whether the power switch is loose.

How to deal with the machine after water

After the machine enters the water, the battery should be unplugged immediately, the water should be thrown out forcefully, dried in a ventilated and dry place, and sent to the maintenance station for maintenance in the shortest possible time.

Call distance becomes closer to poor sensitivity

Check whether the antenna is in good condition and whether the antenna base is loose or damaged (if there is any problem, please send it to a professional repair station for repair).

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